arp 2600
    arp 2600

These "cut-outs" are faithful counterparts paperboard kits * of some mythical synthezisers which make me dream since ages (I'm almost vintage too !).
I'm still dreaming...

    * scale 1/6

. “ !!! ”  
synthi AKS  
THE New model ! Already Sold Out...  
arp 2600  
My ARP 2600 in BPM' Magazine !  
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klaus schulze arp 2600
 [photo : Christian Piednoir]
With Klaus Schulze, Paris, january 16th.
I gave him my repliqua of the arp 2600. What a pleasure !
More (in french) : !  
klaus schulze kontinuum
 [photo : Ruth Albus]

I'm proud! And deeply touched by the attention : this picture of my models is published in the “Kontinuum“ booklet ! Heartfelt thanks Klaus!

I will definitely get some mentions of your wonderful little creations into the next A-M - and of course all four of your models so far are in A-M !”
Peter Forrest
“Hello Michel, Peter passed the VCS3 onto me (serial 002) and I can only say it is superb. A remarkable attention to detail. Thank you very much ! I know Robin Wood of EMS very well, I'm sure he'd like to see one of these...”  
Keith Kniveton
“I look forward to receiving your model. I am purchasing it for my brother in law who used to work for ARP years and years ago. He created one of the early ARP synths, but I'm not certain which one, so, I'm purchasing your models to commemorate his work.”  
“Cheers Michel. I made the VCS3 yesterday - its terrific!! I look forward to your new "things".”  
“I bought 3 (2600) as it looks like the synth which makes for the most interesting model. I will keep one for myself and the other 2 will be gifts for friends. VCS-3 looks great also. I look forward to it. I think the price is fair ! Thanks very much indeed.”  
Bobby Meld  
“I love what you have created. I am a synth lover and what you do really captures my heart... I really admire what you are doing. This is sweet and romantic... :)”  
“I've receive all of them. A true work of love! And let me say as a synth maniac I just LOVE the idea! I'm now looking forward to the next one. All the best.”  

from James L. Frachon Mygale Films on Vimeo.
At Klaus Schulze's home...
At Klaus Schulze's home ! [Photo : James L. Frachon - Mygale films]

Tilt !
During the sale of Klaus Schulze BigMoog (on eBay !) and since I could not afford it (alas !), I wanted to comfort me by making a small counterpart, that will remind the first impression I have had of this instrument, on scene, the very first time I saw Klaus in concert (Brest, 77)*. I 'm not the only one to have had this idea, photographs on the auction were so suggestive ! I even bought one repliqua on But I wanted to go further and thus made deep iconographic research. I eventually built a first version of the BIG ! that I was so proud of I showed it to my friend Olivier. He was at once so enthousiastic that I offered it to him.
Then I said to myself "Hey ! Perhaps to do other famous vintage synthezisers would be a good idea, you could sell them at little costs but with enough sellings to then realize that other project you have in mind”. And, here we are !

* I'm an unconditional KS zealot, since 74... Klaus, I hold out my hand to you from here to Hambürhen.

SDIYcut ?
I had to find a name for that website... I do like that one ! It means “Synthesizer Do It Yourself”. Well, not any of electronics here, even if from time to time I risk myself with (not so happy) experiments. And "cut" ? As one of my specialities as a graphic designer is paperboards and pop-up cards, the idea of "cutting" came quite evidently...

How are the SDIYcut models created  ?
I start with images I collected since years (I started very early to dream !) and with photographs of my real musical tools. I made initially models out of bristol-board, always keeping in mind I have to find the best and simple way of assembling, while respecting the originals as much as possible. When a volume template is ready (and that's far from being easy to do) I add colours, textures, details and everything.

Then ? Well :
    • Each model is printed in high resolution on 220 gr mate cardboard.

    • Scorings and cuttings are already made. That means you will be able
      to quickly assemble the model from precisely prepared cardboard parts.
      No additional cutting is ever needed.
    • An explanatory leaflet with step-by-step instructions
      and advices for assembly is provided.
    • A small stamped card displays the limited edition unit number.

I see six different models available for sale on the site ?
Are there others ?

So far that's all I've finished. I will periodically release new models (next to be tempted by is the Farfisa Synthorchestra, almost ready), and I will never make more of the previously sold out models. Each are limited editions. But I do have a lot of ideas that, if you read my prose up to now, are likely to interest you. Join the sdiycut newsletter and I will e-mail you as soon as a new model is available.

I WANT to buy one of the limited edition models that has sold out !
Will you create more in the future ?

No, sorry. But, who knows, they will maybe became collectors and you might try looking on eBay for people selling SDIYcut items !

Do you ship internationally ?
Yes ! I'm living in France, but will ship to most other countries.

Are they difficult to assemble ?
Not so, sincerely. I did my best for the assembly to be as simple as possible. There are few parts and a specific leaflet with step by step images and texts instructions is given with each model. All you will need is meticulousness, a glue stick and a little bit of patience (not provided !). Each model takes about 30 minutes to an hour to build.

I have defined the "Level of difficulty” for each model on the average of all the comments I get from buyers.

Easy >
< Difficult

Since I saw these wonders I absolutely need them, but I'm not very gifted for manual works ? Could you help ?

One of the interests of these models is of course the pleasure of assembling them oneself. But I can also assemble them for you. Obviously, the price is raised a little more and it is necessary to add packing and port. If you wish assembled models, contact me by email to place your order.

REMINDER : All SDIYcut products are manufactured to order. This means there is a 5-15 BUSINESS DAY DELAY BEFORE YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

All prices on that site are in euros (), they include taxes but not shipping costs. Those are on a contractal basis and fixed to 5 € per order (for pre-cut models only).
All sendings are in reinforced envelopes or boxes.

... As you guess, I am no native english speaker !
Thus, please forgive me, I did my best ! 


Keep in mind that each of these cardboard models is almost work of art.
This is not a toy and can certainly be damaged if not handed with care !

Just in case you were confused... Apart my deep respect and an undying affection, I am NOT, in any way, related with MOOG, ARP or EMS.

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